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Anonymous Asked: Goob of course~! Because reasons.

we both find it entertaining that people ship us

It’s totally canon in the platonic sense too because we’re friend married. We exchanged bad tasting candy rings and everything.

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theres a Meme Page in the yearbook

our entire yearbook is meme themed how do you think i feel


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Reblog if you want anons to tell you who they ship you with and why.

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i express my emotions in long groans at different octaves 

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I used that infinite song mixing website to make an endless version of the fresh prince of bel air theme I have priorities

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simillar enough to the weather down there but with the increased risk of birds slamming into your face

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sdr2 twittr doodl requests from past day

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s h e ’ s  o u r  s y m b o l   o f   h o p e

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if you think we’re tall you should see my cousin Ben I swear he’s like a metre taller than me

I think my family’s the real reason Australia’s called the land of the giants

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